Gráinne Hamilton - Blueprints, Publications & Recognition

A collection of the pioneering concept architecture, papers, conference proceedings, blueprints & prototypes Gráinne has developed, and recognition she has received for her work

Pioneering concept architecture

Blueprints, prototypes & initiatives

Open Badges: the original, global open recognition standard

Cities of Learning UK: award-winning, place-based approach to enhancing lifelong learning and access to enrichment opportunities

Invited expert

IMS Global Digital Credentialing Initiative. Aiding the transition of the Open Badges standard from Mozilla to the new stewards, IMS Global. (2016-2017)

Opening up Education: A Support Framework for Higher Education Institutions (2016)

Mozilla’s 21st Century Skills Assessment Guidelines. Advisor and Reviewer. (2015-2016)

Guest articles, editorials, toolkits & personal blogs

Ongoing blogs


  • Hamilton, G., & Kelchner, J. (2020). Building Connected Cities & Lifelong Learning. Guest talk and Q&A. Online. April 2020. Link to talk
  • Hamilton, G. (2020). Participatory Community Calls. Engaging openly early because more perspectives are better than one. Guest blog post published on the Greenpeace, Planet 4 blog. Link to post
  • Hamilton, G. (2020). Editor of The Learning Fractal newsletter. (WAO). Newsletter archive


  • Hamilton, G. (2019). Editor of The Learning Fractal newsletter. (WAO). Newsletter archive





Chair roles, Board & Steering Committee membership

Board Membership

Forum Founder & Chair

  • Women in Tech, Scotland. (2014-2018)
  • Open Badges in Scottish Education Group (OBSEG). (2013-2014)
  • Scottish MOOC forum. (2013-2014)
  • Scottish Open Badges Forum. (2012-2014)
  • Scottish e-Assessment Forum. (2011-2014)

Forum Chair

  • Scottish Moodle User Group (2010-2014)

Committee Membership

  • The Scottish Colleges e-Assessment Group (2010-2014)
  • The Scottish Blackboard User Group (2010-2014)
  • ALT Scotland (2010-2014)

Awards & recognition

  • Cities of Learning UK recognised as one of the top 100 global education initiatives of 2019 with a HundrED award. (2019)
  • Made an honourary Mozillian for contribution to the development of the original global open recognition standard, Open Badges. (2013)
  • Listed on the Mozilla Monument in San Francisco, with the following dedication: “Doing good is part of our code. These are the educators, technologists, thinkers and builders, past and present, who help us keep the Internet alive and freely accessible – a global community working to empower people to be informed contributors and creators of the Web”. (2013)

Publications & conference proceedings



  • Hamilton, G. (2018). Raising attainment through place based, technology-enhanced approaches: The importance of place and community. Keynote for an invited audience from government and education on “Opening the school gates, building a culture of learning to tackle the attainment gap”. University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland 2018. Presentation slides
  • Hamilton, G. (2018). Lessons learned from helping cities become ‘Learning Cities’. Proceedings of the Connected Spaces EU Erasmus+ project event, online, September 2017. Presentation slides


  • Konert, J., Buchem, I., Lewis, L., Hamilton, G., & Riches, T. (2017). Competency Alignment of Open Badges. In C. M. Stracke, M. Shanks, O. Tveiten (Eds.) Smart Universities Education’s Digital Future. Official Proceedings of the International World Learning Summit and LINQ Conference. Kristiansand, Norway, 2017
  • Hamilton, G. (2017). Can Open Badges Enhance Employability? Proceedings of: Employability Week, The Open University, Milton Keynes, England, November 2017
  • Hamilton, G. (2017). Keynote: Where are we with Open Badges? Proceedings of: Open Badges in HE, University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland, June 2017.
  • Hamilton, G. (2017). Digital Credentials. Proceedings of: Cities of Learning Stakeholder event, Plymouth, England, June 2017


  • Hamilton, G. (2016). Are you sure you want to use Open Badges? An Open Badges Quality Hack Session! Proceedings of the ALT-C Winter Conference, online, December 2016
  • Hamilton, G. (2016). Open Badges are Quality! Proceedings of MozFest 2016, London, England, November 2016
  • Hamilton, G. (2016). Open Badges and Quality Management. Open Badge Network Project Report. (Open Badge Network, Erasmus+), October 2016.
  • Hamilton, G., & Foley, V. (2016). Exploring employer perceptions of open badges 
in supporting young unemployed people into 
employment, education or training. Proceedings of the ALT conference, University of Warwick, England, September 2016
  • Hamilton, G. (2016). Sharing achievements across the web with Open Badges – How to design a badge of value. Proceedings of the 25th European Distance and E-Learning Network Conference, EDEN 2016, Budapest, Hungary, June 2016.
  • Hamilton, G. (2016). Guidelines for Open Badges in Territories. Open Badge Network Project Report. (Open Badge Network, Erasmus+) June 2016. Guidelines for Open Badges in Territories
  • Devedzic, V., Nowakowski, M., Hamilton, G., Lewis, L. (2016). Open Badges in Education. Proceedings of the Open Education Global Conference 2016. Krakow, Poland, April 2016


  • Hamilton, G. (2015). Badge-based Pathways to Employment. Proceedings of MozFest 2015, London, England, November 2015
  • Hamilton, G. (2015). Open Badges as Bridges: Design, Create, Connect. Proceedings of MozFest 2015 Fringe Event, Glasgow, Scotland, October 2015
  • Hamilton, G., & Buchem, I. (2015). Open Badges as part of the Open Education ecosystem. Proceedings of EduCamp 2015. Berlin, Germany, September 2015.
  • Hamilton, G. (2015). Creating a new learning currency which recognises people’s skills and achievements. Proceedings of Scot-BUG event, Perth Scotland, September 2015


  • Hamilton, G. (2014). The role of badging for recognising skills, abilities and learning. Proceedings of the Open University Symposium, Glasgow, Scotland, June 2014. Presentation slides
  • Hamilton, G. (2014). Open Badges. Proceedings of Crossover Edinburgh, Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, Scotland, June 2014. Presentation slides
  • Hamilton, G. (2014). Open Thinking, Open Learning. Proceedings of the D14 Summit, SECC, Glasgow, Scotland, June 2014. Presentation slides
  • Hamilton, G., & Casilli, C. (2014). Discover Open Badges. Proceedings of: MoodleMoot 2014. Edinburgh, Scotland, April 2014
  • Hamilton, G. (2014). Open Badges. Live talk for RSCtv. Online, February 2014


  • Hamilton, G., & Scott, S. (2013). Meeting the needs of digital learners and improving employability through open accreditation. Proceedings of: Association of Colleges (AoC) Annual Conference 2013. Birmingham, England, November 2013
  • Hamiltoh, G. (2013). Open Badges. What? How? Why? Proceedings of the Open Knowledge Foundation meetup. Glasgow, Scotland, November 2013
  • Hamilton, G. (2013). Developing an Open Badge Eco-system. Proceedings of The Mozilla Summit 2013, Brussels, Belgium, October 2013
  • Hamilton, G. (2013). Enhancing Assessment Practices. Proceedings of The Assessment Summit. Stirling, Scotland, March 2013



  • Hamilton, G. (2007). eLearning – it’s not just about the technology. Proceedings of LNSE Conference 2007: Towards a Learning Culture. Glasgow, Scotland. March 2007


  • Hamilton, G. & Blair, J. (2006). Learning to Learn in Scottish Social Work Education. Proceedings of PICTAL 2006, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland