How we delivered Masterclasses for public sector personnel on open principles, and facilitated discussion on creating more sustainable services

Everything is changing. Except that it hasn’t. Not yet. We have work to do.

In 2020 we were invited to create masterclasses on open culture for the clients of enterprise open source leader Red Hat, with LDR21 and We Are Open Co-op.

For eons, people have been gathering together at the fire circle, to talk about the topics that concern them. Our masterclasses provided a community of trust for public sector leaders to bring their ideas and pre-conceptions, and transform them collectively. Working in the liminal space, ideas transitioned from one state to another, and participants left with new connections, new ideas and numerous examples of good practice that had been shared by their peers.


“This will help me build more relationships with my customers. And, will help me in implementing new projects.”

Red Hat Public Sector Masterclass Participant