How we helped Greenpeace International with open leadership, open culture and open engagement to connect with their audience


How to supercharge Greenpeace International’s websites and communication channels that drive people to action for the environment.

Planet 4 Communities — CC BY ND We Are Open


With We Are Open Co-op, we coached and mentored the communications and Planet 4 teams on using open principles, helping them develop:

  • Open leadership by developing a GPI website strategy; serving as a critical friend; advising on open project standards
  • Open mindset by modelling open behaviours; designing a Day of Action strategy, agendas, and resources
  • Open engagement by teaching and mentoring the team on how to run community calls; engaging in partnership development and management; surveying potential collaborators regarding motivations to contribute and more

>> Read our post on the Planet 4 blog about how to run participatory community calls.



“We’re learning from the Community calls that if you open the door and ask people, they will respond.”

William Morris Julien, Design Lead at Planet 4, Greenpeace International